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Thread: GT Gauges

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    I purchased the VDO 360.003 but the thread of the sender is much to large to fit in the 1500gt block . Has anyone tried this part number sender? Any suggestions as to what part is required would be handy or do you have to modify the fitting of the 360.003 with an adaptor?

    we are working on 'turning up' and adapter for these

    1/4 to 1/8 size thread

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    Could that be used as a suitable replacement for a voltage regulator? Least it would cove both 5 and 10 volt systems

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    hi everyone ive read through this thread a few times now as i am doing this conversion myself
    my question is if i am converting to gt gauges from the standard 66 440 binicle the new oil pressure sender makes sense as the original only has a oil light, but why cant you use the original temp sender that runs the original temp gauge. does the gt temp gauge have a different resistance?
    thanks flip
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