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Removing stuck axles
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Thread: Removing stuck axles

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    Post Removing stuck axles

    if you have to remove an axle from a cortina diff (or most diffs for that

    matter) these sometimes can be a

    annoying m as these seem to not want to let go

    The fix

    when you have the brake drum removed you can use this as a slide hammer

    1. turn the brake around and put it on backwards
    2. use two wheel nuts and loosely put them on around 5 turns
    3. get a good position so that you can 'heave' on the axle bringing it towards you
    4. it may take a couple of times but it will come free.

    If the car has been in weather for sometime and this method does not seem to be working.

    put an old wheel back on doing it up tight.
    and use a 'big' hammer to hit the back of the tyre

    dont hit the car rim

    NOTE: wheel nuts on back to front
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    Another option is to bolt up a bit of heavy tow chain and use its mass as a slap-hammer to budge the bearing out of the banjo housing.

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    Or you could always buy a slide hammer?...

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    If that dosent you could try the Oxy set heat around the axle housing and using your slide hammer its should come off

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    My way (which hasn't let me down yet):

    1. Undo the four short bolts that hold the flange and brake backing plate onto the axle casing
    2. Using four long bolts with same thread, replace the ones you just took out, and screw them in until they're well in and clear of the axle flange
    3. Turn the axle by a quarter turn so none of the bolts you just installed align with the two big holes in the flange
    4. Gradually and evenly unscrew the four long bolts using an open ender, so the heads push against the axle flange.

    Works for me....

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    UMMM!!!! what a gear puller

    Phil M

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