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Removing trim mouldings from around door glass
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Thread: Removing trim mouldings from around door glass

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    Post Removing trim mouldings from around door glass

    In order to keep these trims from damage there is a method that will remove

    them easily so that they can be replaced without any 'twist' or bends

    you may think that you can take them off and all seems ok but as soon as

    they are removed from the window frame they will end up bent like a

    banana !

    These trims are found on

    aussie GTs Cortinas and American GTs

    and UK European Supers

    1. Get a piece of flat aluminium or hardwood about 2" x 1" x6" long
    2. Wind down the window
    3. Put the timber/aluminium along the edge of the mold where it just rolls over to clip on
    4. Then gently tap with a hammer so you see the it move away from the frame
    5. Work your way along the mould about 4 or 5 inchs apart until the bottom 'rolled' over edge is all the way off. Then simply lift the strip upward and away from the door frame

    Sometimes this is not necessary as it will 'pop' off itself onto the ground. Label each piece so you know which door it goes back onto. and keep them in a safe place.
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