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Matching engine and chassis numbers?
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Thread: Matching engine and chassis numbers?

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    Matching engine and chassis numbers?

    Hi there,

    I have recently purchased a Mark 1 with a 2 litre pinto engine fitted. I have the option of buying what we think is the original 1500 engine and gearbox as well.

    How do I tell if this 1500 engine came from my car/chassis originally please?

    Do the engine and chassis numbers match by any chance?

    Any information will be welcome please.



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    I'm certainly no authority on the matter, but as far as I remember, there is no way of matching engine/body identification for a Mk1 Cortina in Oz. Either tags on the car or databases etc.
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    I thought the 120E and 122E (GT) prefixed numbers on the strut tower matched the engine numbers originally. Not many do now.

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