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'66 GT won't turn over
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Thread: '66 GT won't turn over

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    '66 GT won't turn over

    I had a bit of a look around on the site but couldn't find anything.
    Battery (in boot) charged.
    Started to crank over slower and slower then just wouldn't crank.
    Can hear solenoid clicking in but won't turn over at all.
    I pulled the connections to the starter motor and the solenoid off and gave them a good clean up.
    Still nothing apart from the solenoid clicking in.

    Help please!

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    Has it started in this with the battery in the boot before? What size battery leads has it got and are they getting warm when you try cranking it over? Whats it earthed to and is the engine earthed? Had a problem like it in my RS2000, bigger leads fixed it.

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    The battery has been in the boot for years and never had a problem before. I'm not sure on the size of the leads but they are pretty big. Battery is earthed to the framework for the boot springs and both the engine and solenoid are earthed.

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    Will it jump start from another car? you could check the earths with the jumper leads to the boot catch at the back and the strut top at the front... pull the plugs out and see if it cranks unloaded. Just a couple of processes to eliminate...

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    I haven't tried another car as the missus is out with it. I've used a spare battery though and no different.
    I'll try the others tomorrow.

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    Jumping off another car = nothing.
    Lights don't dim when I try to crank it over.
    I've tried belting the starter but nothing.
    Put battery straight to the solenoid - nothing.
    All connections seem to be ok - have undone them and cleaned them.
    I think I'll have to try to find and atuoleccy here in the bush, someone with some of the right tools.

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    probably the lucas starter has died and you just didnt smell the burnt bushes when it happened

    yesterford has new ones pretty cheap or get yours rewound

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    I was starting to think the starter might be kaput.
    I will get my neighbour to pull it out for me as I'm too crook atm to do it myself.
    When it's out I'll bench test it.

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    where are you located someone may be able to help its a quick but messy job as all the gunge builds up under there

    if you have the choice and rebuild the origional as the new ones arnt as grunty as the old

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    I'm out in the South Burnett but I'll get something sorted.
    There's an old school autoleccy up in Kingaroy who I'll probably take it to.

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    Probably a silly question but I'll ask anyway.
    There's 2 machine screws on the circular cover at the back of the starter motor (towards the front of the engine).
    If one of those was REALLY loose, would that affect the operation of the starter?
    I don't know if they're just cover screws or they actually attach to something else.

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    From memory, the screws run all the way from front to back and hold the starter together. If one or both were loose there is every chance that the stator and commutator would bind and the starter would grind to a halt. Once again, only from memory. If this has happened, chances are that the brushes need replacing and the armature may need a clean up.

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    Thank you.

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    Mike at Yesterford has just put a starter motor in the mail for me.

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    dont throw the old one away
    get it rewound and left on the shelf

    new ones arnt as good as the old ones

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    He has sent me a recoed one which looks exactly the same as the one on the car, so I assume it's an old one.
    I'll send him mine so at least someone else may get the benefit of an old one.

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    Thanks for the input peoples!
    Starter is finally in - had to wait for a mate to come out and do it for me - and she's alive again.

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