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Zinc plating colour
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Thread: Zinc plating colour

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    Zinc plating colour

    Hello all,
    I've got a bucket of nuts, bolts and fittings about ready to send off to the zinc platers and was wondering what the correct colour should be, gold or silver?
    Probably trivial but they both cost the same so may aswell do them to the factory finish. CheeRS

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    Fairly sure they are silver.
    Contact me for parts.

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    I have just had a load done and the plater calls it blue zinc which is silver

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    I think the "gold" zinc plating is called zinc chromate. Used a lot on German cars of the era, it stays shiny longer than the normal zinc plating, but looks worse when it does start to tarnish. I expect Ford didn't bother with it because it was more expensive.
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    The gold colour was Cadmium plating back in the day, This was banned a long time ago due to its very toxic make up. Now you have a gold zinc fosfate colour and also zinc Silver finish, Most nuts and bolts on MK1's and 2's where
    silver zinc plated., Boot. door and bonnet catches where gold. Some Oz Spec MK2 's have a Zinc silver bonnet peg and spring. Hope this helps ...Rich..

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    Thanks for the input. Ended up going all silver plate to keep it uniform. Made good progress over the easter weekend so a little bucket turned into a bigger bin of parts. Heres a small sample of what I've had done so far.
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