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1500 block oversize
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Thread: 1500 block oversize

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    1500 block oversize

    In the process of doing my Mk1 1500 block up which is out to +60 over already, 120E 6015. I see available a +90 piston .. which I guess because they make them, must be ok for these engines with no problems? .. what is the downside of the bore walls being too thin? rings not sealing properly and chance of water break through?. I also have in my parts a 2731 later 1500 crank with sump and rear seal cover to suit - is there any real advantage to using this as opposed to the original rope seal crank?, both cranks are good, the 2731 is 20 under mains and b/ends and the original is 10 under on mains and 20 b/ends.
    Just wondering of any thoughts on this, I want to do the engine only once. Have searched and read some of the posts on here and the +90 goes against some of the opinion..
    Cheers in advance Ian

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    I'd waver a guess that before 50 years of water jacket corrosion, you could probably get away with a +90 overbore much more easily than today. That's why it's getting tricky to find a block with enough meat in it to safely make a big bore.

    If you only wanted to do it once, it might be better to hunt around for a standard bore block?

    If this engine is essentially a standard rebuild to be used on the occasional Sunday arvo tootle down the road, a +90 bore might be perfectly fine.

    Can you take the block down to your engine builder/machinist and get them to test the bore thickness? They will be able to recommend if it's thick enough to be safe.
    Contact me for parts.

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