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Door and boot seal/rubber
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Thread: Door and boot seal/rubber

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    Door and boot seal/rubber

    Hello all, anyone had the pleasure of installing Rare Spares Boot and Door seals/rubbers? I fitted one door the way around I through it should go, with the long edge facing the car and shorter edge facing the door (checked with an old door lying around), but once fitted the door would not fully close, stuck out about 20mm at the rear edge, so pulled it off (luckily still not fully set) the put it on the other way around, long edge to the door and short edge to the car, and now the door closes very well. Cant help but feel it is all wrong, but is on and probably not coming off in a hurry now... Next is the boot seal, but unsure which way around it goes too, so thought I would ask first this time

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    Added images of the boot seal profile and the result of door...
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