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internal engine block rust
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Thread: internal engine block rust

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    internal engine block rust

    Hello all, started to clean the 1500 motor I have, I pulled off the water pump and there was a lot of rust, I will try post some photos. I have read a few blogs that say run, run for the hills, any thoughts??? When I did the same to the wee 1200 motor, it was fine, although it has been cleaned up at some point... blue paint over spay in there, but it is nowhere near as pitted.

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    porosity test

    I had to sleeve my block to rebuild it
    these are old lumps of metal

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    What is the trick to inserting images???

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    Images attached, the first if on the 1200 block, and the other two, rear welsh plug and behind the water pump are of the 1500 block
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    any rebuild they will ultrasonic test the block then hot tank it to remove it all anyway
    but try to avoid overly corroded blocks anyway
    i went through 3 blocks till i had one ok to rebuild and even that has to have the cylinders sleeved

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