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UPC Brake Upgrade
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Thread: UPC Brake Upgrade

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    UPC Brake Upgrade

    Hey guys. Has anyone done a UPC brake upgrade on their MK1? If so how much did it change your offset and what master cylinder did you end up running?

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    yes and dont. ive had nothing but setbacks with mine. the of set i got pushes out 6mm over standard. these are not a "bolt on"kit as they say. the calipers are machined and are illigal. im on the 3rd go to get brakes engineered. the bolt on hub and rotor are the only thing of use and like i said push the track out slightly. the rotor also rubs slightly on the new ball joint rubber i installed. if i had known i would of go a hoppers kit and paid a bit more. most recommend a 1" master for this style of kit. but if the guys your dealing with dont know then run lol.
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    Some Nissan Patrol masters are 1 inch with vertical mount to match the firewall. Might just have to ream the holes slightly.

    I might stick to my 7/8th master for the Hoppers kit I have - see how the pedal feels.
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    This might be a stupid question, but if the UPC calipers hit the ball joint could you not swap the struts around? that way the calliper will be at the front and will not hit. My family car has the calliper's at the front and it works well.

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    This might be a stupid question, but if the UPC calipers hit the ball joint could you not swap the struts around? that way the calliper will be at the front and will not hit. My family car has the calliper's at the front and it works well.

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    no the rubber cover over the ball joint. i got new ones through yesterford and they are possibly a bit large. and yes you can swap the struts from side to side. this will put the calipers at the front. but when they say that they "bolt on" then they should not need the entire suspension removed from the car. also the calipers are VE commodore . how did you get around the machining making them illegal for road use. in the original position, the caliper fouls the steering control arm. the calipers are also designed to be used with a Stepped master cylinder as per original GMH OEM master. it is a quick fill design that helps the master/caliper take up slack in the system and give a better pedal feel. so yes you can get them to fit , and I drove on them . but if i got a different system I would not of wasted all the time and money i have and would have a good set and be passed in engineering first time.
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    What callipers did you end up using? I got "a great eBay deal" on the UPC brakes and as you say they are far from a bolt on kit. I'll be throwing their callipers in the bin.

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    i should have gone and got a hoppers kit and been done with it but......since im stubborn i made a set of 4 spot nissan calipers fit with an adapter plate. yet to be engineered but no welding, no machining. Ive got the nod in theory from my engineer. I still use the hub and rotor from upc. still playing with pedal and master setup. ive also got 5 stud disc rear. brakes are not sensitive. need to put some pressure on the pedal, but can lock the brakes reasonably well.
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    What size wheels have you got? Do you know what Nissan the callipers were of? I'm going to have to try make my brakes fit too

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    ive got 15s all round. im trying to up load but my pics are too big. they are skyline or 350z by memory. I have had an adapter plate cnc machined and still have access to the program. since these were the first manufacture , i had to massage them in a few spots. but bolted on pretty well.II had a set of struts welded (professionally) to accept the calipers. worked well, buy engineer said no.so adapter made. it fits around the stub axle and bolts up using the original caliper threads and the dust cover bolts.. I had to shave off 3 to 4 mm off the back of each of the rims. the track is absolutley to the limit but is under and legal.
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    ive got 2 pics to upload to my album. look in "front disc conversion"and check it out.ill try and get the rear shots with the adapter in place.
    Ill try anything twice......just to be sure.

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    The Nissan callipers look like a much better size. If you could get a pic of the adapter you had made that would be good. I will have to get some made so if you can get the program that would be great thanks.

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    managed to get a rear shot in my album. 2 things id change is threading the plate and drilling out the original holes so bolts come from original direction. and i modified the caliper bolt holes before I made the plate. id make these threads the same as nissan threads to make it easier.but if blanks were made you could manage this yourself. I was thinking of putting helicoils in mine to fix the issue. still works as is.
    Ill try anything twice......just to be sure.

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    Just an update to this thread. For those considering to buy a UPC brake upgrade kit for your Cortina. DON'T. The money I thought I saved buying this cheaper kit I ended up spending much more than a Hoppers kit would have cost. I ended up using the hub and disc from UPC and an adapter and callipers from a R32 Skyline that I brought from a guy named Jordan who sells Cortina brake upgrade kits on Gumtree. I found him to be very professional. UPC were no help when I tried to tell them their callipers don't fit they assured me they do fit with 15" wheels and that it is fine for them to have machine the outside of the calliper like they do.

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    good to hear its going ok. ive had my set up passed in theory by my engineer!!! ive just got to survive a track test (brake fade) and should be good. I rekon it will be fine but you dont know until its pushed.upc hub and disc (5 stud) skyline 4 pot calipers. adapter plate. puts the caliper to the front without swapping struts.
    Ill try anything twice......just to be sure.

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    Hi All.. just an update. I have had my track test with engineer. my set up has passed and survived 10 x 60kmh hard applications and 3 x 110kmh hard tests. all consecutively. held up well. i dont think it faded at all. no real issues. now good tidy up and off to regency. i rekon with a bit of fiddle and a good run i will get them grabbing a bit harder, but they have passed. yay
    Ill try anything twice......just to be sure.

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    thats great, i reckon it would have always stopped without fade

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