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MK2 GT Cprtina Strange Body Tags
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Thread: MK2 GT Cprtina Strange Body Tags

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    MK2 GT Cprtina Strange Body Tags

    HI all , Ok, has anyone come across these tags on a mk2 GT Cortina before, I am starting a resto on mine. I removed both front headlamp units to find these tags wired on to the body. They look very much like they have been there since it was built. Any help / Info from anyone would be great. Cheers RICH,
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    Aussie built Mk1's have them too Rich. Cant remember what they mean... Sorry.
    Contact me for parts.

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    Had them on my Mk1 and one had the trim colour scratched on, presumably so that as it went through assembly they knew which trim to install. Makes sense as there were quite a large number of different trim options available.

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    Thanks fir the replies guys, I have had some feedback on other site to suggest that yes, factory tags, The one i'm holding is the paint code, being 'O' which would be correct for this car. As for the other one there seems
    to be nothing on it other than flat black paint. Still, very interesting,,

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