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Wanted; mk2 crotina gt parts please..
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Thread: Wanted; mk2 crotina gt parts please..

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    Wanted; mk2 crotina gt parts please..

    Hi All
    I am on the lookout for a set of over riders (4) for my GT MK2. they mount on the front and rear bumpers. Also looking for the GT badge for the centre consol. The Cortina is a 1970 Model GT. Any help would be great. Also looking for the guard mounted mirror for the drivers side. Any one heading to the Cortina nationals i can meet you there. P.M me please if you can help out. Cheers RICH.

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    If you are still looking for a set of bumper guards for a MK2, i have a set in California though. They're in good condition with good protective rubbers attached.
    psnyders@pacbell.net for pictures. Pete

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    Hi Pete,

    I'll send you an email..

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    Hi All,
    I have now got a set of bumper Over riders for my GT. Given up looking for the guard mirror. They seem very hard to find and one i have seen for sale, very much over priced in my opinion...lol... Rich.

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    Hi All

    I now have the GT badge for the centre consol also. Not much left to find now.

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