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Fitting bonnet stay grommet
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Thread: Fitting bonnet stay grommet

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    Fitting bonnet stay grommet

    Hello gurus, Fitting bonnet stay grommet, what is the best method? Large rubber, small hole, I was going to try a clamp, socket just larger than the grommet, dishwashing liquid, clamp and force... ?

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    I must have been lucky. Mine just went straight in relatively easily.
    Just worked it round a bit.

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    middle northern Melbourne
    Mine was a pain too. I applied persistence, spit, colourful language and thumb strength.
    Contact me for parts.

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    Colorfully, language my neighbors must wonder what I do each night, I know I am going to scratch the brand new paint work...

    queue the small violin, in trying to get the old broken bonnet stay clip out, it went in, so from now till the end I will here a rattle of the bloody old clip floating around but the new one looks good...

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    silicone spray

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    I got it in eventually, crazy tight...

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