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Stock Exhaust off the shelf.....?
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Thread: Stock Exhaust off the shelf.....?

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    Stock Exhaust off the shelf.....?

    Does anyone know where I can get a stock mk2 exhaust off-the-shelf in Australia? Just curious.

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    Dont think anyone will have a stock exhaust on the shelf, but
    a few years ago i had a standard exhaust made up for a HK Monaro i was restoring by Carnegie Mufflers, they have moved from Dandenong Rd but are in Bentleigh I believe. He still had the old cards and followed them to bend one up exactly. You just need to find an old exhaust shop, not a "Midas"

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    Thanks for the tip.

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    burtons and a few other english companys can post a full exhaust
    cost me 100gbp for 3 day courier for a set of extractors

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    Hey Rob, any luck finding a good exhaust?

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    I'm flat broke at the moment so I haven't really been looking sorry. Car is shelved for now (again).

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    I have a pretty good second hand standard exhaust taking up space if you want it.
    Probably just needs a joning section depending on your manifold.

    Catch is I am in Bathurst but there is a freight company near me that does a run to Brissy if you are interested

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    Cheers Neale, but I'm thinking I'll end up getting a larger one made up. The whole thing is 'on hold' due to funds anyway, so why not dream bigger? Thanks, though.

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