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Lowering Mk2
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Thread: Lowering Mk2

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    Lowering Mk2

    What spring would you use to lower the front of the Mk2 by 2" or more? My googling has thrown up the Lovells FFL-15 or the Pedders 2078 Sportsryder (gawd I hate misspelt words in advertising - you don't look 'different' or 'special' -you look silly! anyway....) Does anyone here have experience with either or something else?

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    I should definately go for adjustable coilovers. Springs are cheap and there are all rates and lengths available. Lowering a Cortina that much will make the sping to be loose when you jack the car, or even it can be dislocated at inspiring driving. Also the caracteristics in a to short sping are very bouncy, I dont like that.
    here it is not allowed to be able to move the spring by hand when the car is lifted meaning MOT fail.
    Power is how hard you hit the wall, torque is how far you move it.

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    I've had 2" lowered springs on cars before without trouble, and they're within legality for my local area (QLD Aus) so I'd like to go with them if possible. Just not 100% sure (waiting to hear back from manufacturers) they're the correct part number as they refer to Mk2 cortina 67-68...mine's a 71, so I don't know if there's a difference in cups or.....?

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    king spring sl springs will lower it 2 inches
    just call them they will tell you the model

    and maybe they used sportsryder as the trade name was taken by various other suspension products

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    ive got kings KFFL-13. (mk1) im just waiting on spax adjustables. these are modified to trap the spring properly. also correct stroke for shock piston. lowering the car brings the shock closer to the bottom of the tube.not good
    Ill try anything twice......just to be sure.

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    Are Mk1 and Mk2 springs the same?

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    kffl-13 are listed for capri as well. they should fit. is there any one else that can verify. pretty sure they will fit
    Ill try anything twice......just to be sure.

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    I remember to meet a local Capri guy and he mentioned kffl-13 either.

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