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About 40 mk1 and mk2s
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Thread: About 40 mk1 and mk2s

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    About 40 mk1 and mk2s

    Just met a bloke who tells me he has about 40 mk1 and mk2s in all sorts of condition.
    Some apparently are just shells (including a GT500) and he hopes to have one of them on the road very shortly.
    He has been collecting them since the mid 80s.
    I am going up to his place in the next few weeks so I'll try to get some photos.

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    middle northern Melbourne
    Lucky you.

    Bits of gold still out there.
    Contact me for parts.

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    Finally got up there today (unfortunately no photos) and the number is about right - Mk1s and 2s, 220s, 240s, 440s, GTs, a GT 500 shell and an English Mk1 GT

    He only has a 220 on the road - well he did until last week when he cooked the engine but it's already apart and being looked at.

    Lovely bloke, very knowledgeable.

    Oodles of spare parts including nos bits and pieces.

    His aim is to get into the GT500 as soon as he has all the bits.

    He also had a 40s Austin truck, early 50s F100 cab, 60s Effies, Escorts, a couple of 70s Fairlanes, VF Valiant Hardtop, XT Falcon sedan and ute (both very low mileage), a couple of Geminis and lots of other bits and pieces.

    I think I've already forgotten half the stuff he had.

    If you're chasing anything just let me know and I'll pass on his details.

    He is in Nanango, Qld.

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    Wow. Sounds like a great guy to know!

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    I'm after a few small bits, only wish he was a bit closer.

    MK2 Wiper switch including correct spacers to fit dash and I'd love a set of opening windows to suit a 4 door!!!

    Does he do email? PM me details please.


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    PM sent.

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