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Original Alternator Installation Mk2 Question.
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Thread: Original Alternator Installation Mk2 Question.

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    Original Alternator Installation Mk2 Question.

    Hi gang.
    As I'm slowly putting my big jigsaw puzzle back together I'm finding gaps in my documenting how stuff fits. I had the original alternator rebuilt but when installing it I have put the rubber connector onto the back, but there's a spare wire (brown) that seems to not go anywhere. Is there a 2nd connector on the alternator I've missed or this this for a GT alt gauge (which I don't have)?

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    How have you gone with finding a wiring diagram? I'm electrically incompetent, but I've been able to figure stuff out OK with a wiring diagram and some healthy skepticism.
    Contact me for parts.

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    mine has 2 wires a brown and i dunno as its dirty

    one goes to a lug with a bolt the brown goes to a plug on alternator

    gt gauge just went in series with the alternator output wire

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    Any chance you could shoot me a photo? I wonder if mine is supposed to go to a lug but they didn't put the fitting back on when they rebuilt it? Is it an earth? Cheers,

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    pm me your mobile and ill send it

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