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Dash Info Mk1
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Thread: Dash Info Mk1

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    Dash Info Mk1

    New to the Mk1 game, just purchased a 65' Mk1 one 4 door sedan. Getting it ready for a Roadworthy in QLD.
    The wipers won't park, and found the switch is not original (only single pole). So I need a new switch.

    But I also need some info on how the dash comes apart. I did get a scientific publications workshop manual, but it doesn't have any info on the dash. I have GT gauges, and was able to see the wiper switch after moving them.
    Is a Gregory's workshop manual any better?
    Also chasing a rear L diff seal - is Yesterford good for these parts?

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    According to the Ford manual: disconnect battery; unscrew speedo cable; remove column shroud (auto cars only); remove chrome bezels from the three switches and the screen washer (if fitted); pull panel out and disconnect wiring. Then to remove GT gauge panel: unscrew two crosshead screws and pull panel out; make a note of the wire connections and remove them.
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    If you are talking about the padded dash on an airflow model. There are (3) studs with nuts holding it down. (1) in the center behind the 4 gauges.
    (1) on each end. Remove the metal vent screens. Remove the vent hose and may have to remove the glove compartment box.
    Wiper is a plastic toggle type SPDT or more specific SPCO ( single pole, change over ). Can be purchased on ebay . Pete S

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    Cool, should have said what version, airflow, manual.

    Those chrome bezels were very tight around the key barrel, and wiper washer, all sorted. Thanks again.

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