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Cortina MK 11 1967
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Thread: Cortina MK 11 1967

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    Cortina MK 11 1967

    I have a 1967 MK11 1500cc Cortina, can anyone enlighten me regarding the bonnet catch, the grill has the hole above the centre badge [for the bonnet release] but it now has a release inside on the drivers side.
    The conversion appears to be of a professional manufacture, did Ford ever make this conversion as an update?

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    On N.American models with the red center grille badge has the bonnet release above the badge. Sometime around '69 a blue badge was fitted covering the hole for the early MK2 bonnet button release which now was cable activated from under the RHD side dash. Someone fitted a later style release ass'y but didn't replace the early red badge for a blue one. Pete S

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    Thanks for the information it now makes sense.

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    First Cortina I saw a bonnet relase handle inside the car was my -68 1600E. That was factory fitted, hade a oval handle with a car profiled from the side with the bonnet open. After that I have seen it on only series 2 cars AND one -67 1300 pre crossflow car. By looking in the parts catalogue it was an accessory that you could buy and fit later. Maybe it also was a factory option. The -67 had the same handle as the E.
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