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Is the weber 32 DFM a rare carb?
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Thread: Is the weber 32 DFM a rare carb?

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    Is the weber 32 DFM a rare carb?

    I've got a 32 DFM which I was told is the correct Mk2 GT carb. However finding information such as schematics etc is quite difficult. The 32/36DGV has much more info. Is the DFM a rarer or just older carb? Does anyone have diagrams for them?

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    Theres a couple of diagrams on google image...
    Are you after rebuilding or tuning info? They were used on UK spec Escorts and Capri's. Datsun may have used them too. Maybe you could get a hold of a workshop manual with a diagram or base jetting that way. Just thinking outside of the box. I found a heap of info for my old 38dgas setup from a Suzuki Sierra site and a fair bit from a VW site for my current idf's.

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    Just want to get to know the car better, and the bits I'm fixing up to put on it. Was also intrigued when I found it hard to get info on it.

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