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So what is the easiest brake upgrade for a mk2?
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Thread: So what is the easiest brake upgrade for a mk2?

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    So what is the easiest brake upgrade for a mk2?

    So while I carry on the debate over weather or not it's needed - what's the best way to upgrade my Mk2 non-assisted discs and retain my 4x108/13" wheels?

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    volvo 4 spt calipers with tx3 lazer discs (dba101)a little bit of fiddling but seams better

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    Cool....but What kind of fiddling? What model volvo? Can you still run 13"s with a 260 disc? Cheers

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    The easiest upgrade would be new high performance pads, braided steel lines and a booster.

    Then look at a ventilated rotor and a set of spacers for the original calipers.

    You have to modify the Volvo calipers by about half a hole on each bolt; not ideal but their are cars out there that have run around for many years like that with no issues. Then there are cars that have snapped 2 calipers on different occasions. They are off a 240 Volvo. I think the 220's had a solid rotor, 240's ventilated.
    Contact me for parts.

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    Cheers Doc.

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    Here's a curly one - which do you think would increase performance more; the upgrade you suggested or a disc 10mm greater in overall diameter (with similar callipers etc)? I reckon your suggestion - what do you think?

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    i just did what dr danger recomended
    braided lines new solid discs and mintex 1144 pads
    stopping performance is significantly better

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    Cheers - I think it sounds like a good option. It's theoretical at the moment for an upcoming debate with an engineer lol.

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