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Mk2 Cortina identification
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Thread: Mk2 Cortina identification

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    Question Mk2 Cortina identification

    I have bought myself a project which I have been slowly working on for the last 6months and the i.d plate has me stumped as I can't find the info to decider it all. It is a 1971 440L.

    It has the paint code Q (yellow glow) which I can't find listed anywhere for a mk2, only from 1972 in the mk3.

    and in the serial number it starts CK75LL, and as far as I can tell "75" doesn't exist in the mk2, just the mk1.

    i have looked and looked but can't find these particulars for my mk2. Has anyone else come across something similar or can help me? At the very end of the run for the mk2 was there some limited number (rare) models?

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    I should also add that it is a column shift manual (factory fitted) the only information I can find for a 1971 440L is automatic?

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    My Mk2 chassis also has CK75LL;
    C= Built in Australia.K= Built in Sydney.
    75= 440 Deluxe column shift.
    LL= May 1971 (Compliance plated in 6/71).
    10***= Production Serial.
    Mine also has A after it as well which I'm not sure what that means...maybe Auto?
    I think column manuals are a bit rare in Mk2s? Is it a 4 spd or 3 spd?

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    Thanks for that. It's a 4speed

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    Out of curiosity, does yours have an A at the end of the chassis number?

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    prefix for auto is Z .
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