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End of Aussie Ford production
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Thread: End of Aussie Ford production

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    End of Aussie Ford production

    Bit of a sad day for Aussie manufacturing with Ford ceasing production today after about 90 years.


    My old man (for 30 years), 2 grandparents, several Uncles (one for about 35 years), couple of cousins and about half our family friends worked at the Geelong plant at some stage of their careers, one of my cousins still does... So a bit of sentimentality there for me I suppose.
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    A very sad day.

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    Took my Tickford TE50 out cruising to mark the day... it broke down... go Ford!!! Seriously though, sad day, we drive new generation fords at work and I'm just not relating to them, makes me feel like a dinosour. Back out to the garage for me to play with my old Fords, got a Falcon to fix this weekend.

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    sad day for us ford fans with import crap on the way

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