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Did the Mk1 ever have a 1300cc engine fitted as new ?
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Thread: Did the Mk1 ever have a 1300cc engine fitted as new ?

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    Did the Mk1 ever have a 1300cc engine fitted as new ?

    My father bought one of the run-out models of the MK1 in 1966 (NSU 135D or something similar). He was adamant that it was fitted with the same 1300cc engine that had been introduced in the MK2 and not the normal 1200cc. I've always wondered - was he delusional or could this have happened for the last production cars ?
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    Ive only ever heard of 1200 and 1500 engines.

    I thought 1300 were escort engines.

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    I'd highly doubt it as in the early Mk2s they were using up the last of the pre-crossflows.
    So it wouldn't make sense to have 1300 crossflows in production mk1s. I can vouch from personal experience that early Mk2s had pre-crossflows from factory - a family member had one new in 68 (sold in early 80s still stock).
    Maybe it was a misunderstanding?

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    ...then again this was in Australia. So anything is possible depending on what stock each factory had.....?

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    Thanks for the reply and your response has cleared things up.

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    Early mk2 1300 used a 5 bearing 1300 pre crossflow derived from the 1500. In the UK this engine was only used in early mk2 cortinas.

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