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master cylinder help mk 2 cortina
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Thread: master cylinder help mk 2 cortina

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    master cylinder help mk 2 cortina

    hey fellas

    ive bought a mk 2 cortina in oct last year.

    it has volvo 4 pistons front brakes on it.

    im just wondering what would be the best master cylinder to match these. im not sure on what rotor it uses as im new to these old cars.

    ive had the car to my mates work shop. he machined the rotors and bleed the front brakes as they were pretty crap to stop.he said he got a heap of air out of them .old pads were ebc green stuff . new pads are qfm hpx. i dont think much of either.

    im just after some advice .

    also the car has twin 45mm webbers so thats prob going to limit me in a master cylinder .

    thanks for your time

    cheers jarrod

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    have a look at the datsun 1600 master cylinder its dual chamber and all you have to do is drill the mounting hole out a little to make it fit
    its also a bigger bore from what i was told

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    something like what ive posted above it was to long . i have about 165mm from firewall to the twin webers

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    you wont get a twin to fit
    only a remote pedal box with resevoirs which in nsw needs engineer cert and cant be adjustable

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    what if i could make room, ive been looking at the filter socks instead of the k&n filters i have now. cut the rear one down as short as possible. im just after info ,what have people run with bigger brakes.

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    that is the master you want if you are looking for off the shelf, you will just need to drill the mounting holes a mm or 2 to make it fit

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    Use a nissan 7/8 tandem master without the reservoirs and mount them remotely,

    Something like this
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    I have been stalking this thread as I am looking for a tandem for my Mk2. Is that nissan 7/8 not the same as the datsun one?

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    with standard discs is there a need ?
    group nb guys run around bathurst with a single

    i know with engine swps they make you but apart from that and redundancy why do you want to do it

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    middle northern Melbourne
    We supply direct bolt on dual masters for Mk1's and Mk2's. No files needed. Brand new.
    Contact me for parts.

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    Ive sense fitted one off Dr danger Ive had to plumbed up by mscn .Im still not %100 happy with the brakes tho.

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    did you ring hopper stoppers or another brake specialist
    master cylinder has to be matched to the calipers pipe size etc etc

    am sure the one you have is fine for a standard set up
    your set is not standard though

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    the master i had was the standard one , the car has twice as many pistons on the front then standard. ive gone to a bigger master to try and get the brakes to feel/work abit better.no i didnt call hoppers or anyone else. i got peoples thoughts and recommendations for what to run.

    ive installed the 7/8 bore dual circuit master as sold on this website.

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