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Thread: Budget Turbo Idea.....

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    id say so 8:1 is what ive been told

    just copy what that turbo kent page has its all explained in detail use a vl pump from the wreckers
    someones already thought i tout just copy it and buy second hand parts instead of new

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    Do you mean turboescort.com? Did I miss an info page somewhere on there? 8:1 is generally accepted but I was chatting to a mechanic buddy of mine who said 9:1 would be fine for low boost like I'm planning. Just trying to back up or refute what he's suggested

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    My only misgiving with an injected pump is the high PSI they deliver and wether it will stress out the regulator managing 4-14 psi when it's getting 70 odd psi from the pump.

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    thats what its designed for its not anormal regulator, it increases psi to carb as turbo boost increases
    also feeds excess fuel back to the tank

    if you dont run one it will never work and just lean out

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    and yeah the turbo escort page its a bit of a bitsa website with pages all over the place but plenty of info

    higher the cr the more chance you will need forged pistons and steel components

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    I agree good fuel supply and a rising-rate regulator are essential - I was just going to look for one that's working more in the midrange of it's capabilities. Will look for more info on there and I agree that the higher CR is not desirable, but if I could get away with 9:1 for now I can skip a rebuild for a bit, making it cheaper. ....for now

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    Can you post a link to an info page on there if you get a chance? Cheers.

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    On another train of thought, since I'll be running an electric pump, I can modify the blanking plate for the original pump to be the turbo oil return point. Can anyone see a problem with that?

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    wrong side of engine i dunno what affect that has

    just search his gemini section and of how hes done his build its all there to see just change the words gemini to escort

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    I don't think that will matter too much. Oil pick-up is on the 'wrong' side too. Will just route a hose around the back of the tappet cover methinks. Will checkout turbogemini for more info, Cheers.

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    Just read what I could of Turbogemini's build up. Geez that thing turned out nice. The amount of work that's gone into it is a little depressing as I hardly ever get the chance to get into the shed and funds are always low (thanks to trying to pay off a house on a single wage). Ah well, I'll get there sooner or later if I don't give up. I found it interesting what he was saying about the progressive carb as opposed to the synchronous one, and it makes me doubt the flow capacities of the R5 carb but the R5 carb proponents are very knowledgeable and really back it...so i guess I'll see.

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    Finally got a start on mounting the R5 carby. This is my first attempt at fabrication so be kind. Made a plate out of alloy but had to recess the front to accomodate fuel pump arm, looks like there should still be plenty of meat to seal the carby. But as-is it tits too low to clear the tappet cover. More work to do.
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    More pics
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    Any idea where I could get a weber spacer twice as high as standard? My local autobarn wasn't interested....

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