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Thread: Dashboard change LHD to RHD early

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    Here in Sweden we had Corsair deluxe, they had first 1500GT engines (dual weber and tubular exhaust manifold) and later V4, also we had GT's but they were very rare. I guess the GT was so rare because they actually were slower than the deluxe since the GT was heavier than the deluxe but had the same engine. Brakes were the same but the GT has a servo. All V4 had servo. During my 35 years in the old Ford business I have only seen one in a scrapyard, a early 4 door car. A friend of mine has a wreck of a -63 and I have some parts for V4 GT that I got with a Cortina many years back.
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    Have not seen any posts from nzmk1gt for some time so went looking ---- no work being done as the business has closed . Proprietor banged up in jail for 2 years.

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    That's very unfortunate for him. Lots of effort put in.
    Contact me for parts.

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