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Rear suspension leaf springs - turning the front eye over
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Thread: Rear suspension leaf springs - turning the front eye over

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    Rear suspension leaf springs - turning the front eye over

    We're looking at lowering the rear of the car and the best way seems to be to get a new top leaf spring made for the rear springs, and have the front eye turned over so the main leaf comes out the top instead of the bottom. That'll lower the axle around 30 mm or so, which about what we need.
    But it'll also angle the front of the leaf spring up a little, is this going to be a problem?
    Has anyone done this before?

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    I have no experience with modifying the top leaf like that, but if you were going to that length, would you consider just getting a single leaf spring made?

    Reducing the mass of the spring would have substantial benefits as well has you having better control over spring rate and final ride height and keeping the angles very close to what is known to work. Is it the final angle of the diff that is the concern?

    Also, with the amount of power and grip you will have, the standard top leaf will bend in no time. A single leaf will last longer, but will eventually bend too. A Caltrac system, or something like it, will solve that - which you may already be adding?
    Contact me for parts.

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    I dropped the springs into a mate of mine who makes them for a living, he's sorting them out right now. He's going to make new main leafs that have the centre of the eye at end level with the centre of the spring and that'll lower the rear about 25 mm or so which is what we're after.
    He's upping the spring rate for me a bit as well as they're too soft right now. The diff has long trailing arms to control wheel tramp and a panhard rod for lateral control.
    It should all work okay I reckon.

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    Here is a picture of the rear springs which are off a mk2 cortina Wagon ( right hand set) these have the reverse eye from factory. The other springs in the picture are GT mk2 which have the standard eye mount. Thought the picture
    might be handy..
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    Thanks for that, good to know.

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    Back from the dead for a minute or two.

    All lowered springs should be reverse eye at both ends.

    The leaf spring needs to retain its camber to allow for correct roll steer.

    Springs are banana shaped and get slightly longer when compressed and slightly shorter when extended.

    This actually slightly alters the tracking of the rear wheels.

    So if the springs are flat when the car is static the roll steer works the opposite way.

    I need to have leaf springs made shortly. Anyone interested should let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul T View Post
    Back from the dead for a minute or two.l.
    Actually checked your website the other week. Need to get around to getting a GT Cam for my car at some point

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    No dramas let me know.

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