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Removal of rear quarter windows
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Thread: Removal of rear quarter windows

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    Removal of rear quarter windows

    Hello there, I'm new to this forum. Have a 66 GT 2 door- the rubber seals on the rear quarter windows need replacement. How do I remove the windows to replace the seals and re- install the windows? Thanks very much for any help

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    If you have new rubbers then you can cut them out. If they are the fixed window type. Or you can use a blunt screwdriver to hook the rubber lip on the inside of the car over the lip if you follow so it starts to come out. I'd start
    at the top left hand side and work my way along the top then down the sides. Once out you can fit your new rubbers to the glass. Make sure you use some auto glazing selent to the outside edge of the seal other wise it might leak water.
    Pull the window back into the car using a string . Yo wrap this around the rubber then place it into the whole it came out of then pull on the string from inside the car, this will pull the rubber lip back into the car and you window will be in.
    Also you could youtube how to fit auto glass. Hope this helps a little..

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