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Thread: My Cortinas from Uruguay

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    My Cortinas from Uruguay

    Hello, I am new to the forum.
    I want to present my two Mk1, one is a restoration project with XFlow engine and the other is my for daily use car which is quite rundown, but with a little love has improved greatly.
    I hope you like them!
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    Hi and welcome.

    Looks like a couple of interesting cars you have there. The early model 2 door restoration project in particular.

    This place is great for advice and people could possibly send parts over too if you need.

    Are they your Anglia and Mini?

    Never knew those kind of cars made it to Uruguay.
    Contact me for parts.

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    Thank you very much for the welcome.
    The Anglia and Mini are projects that are making friends.
    I also have a 1937 Austin twelve four.
    I've read quite a forum and found it very interesting, I appreciate your interest in my project, when I have some progress I return to upload photos

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    Hello again, i leave you some photos of my new daily/track mk1, now it has a 1300 xflow engine but his engine i'ts a 1600 xflow with bcf2 high compression and big valves.I hope you like it!
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    Well, if the red raised car with that hiddeous rear bumper and tinted windows is the same car as the nicely sitting red and gold jevel you are on the path to reach excellence!
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