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Oil pressure problem ?
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Thread: Oil pressure problem ?

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    Angry Oil pressure problem ?

    I am still having oil pressure problems as in up to 80psi even at idle I have 55-60psi when warm any hints on how to reduce this would be appreciated , I have put a CEM oil flush through thinking it may be caused by a blockage but little has changed , if driven over 2000rpm I get oil spray out of the tappet breather and sometimes from the dipstick , the engine is healthy otherwise it is more a mess thing in my nice clean newly painted engine bay

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    I should add that I have performed all the checks suggested ain a prior thread but no joy everything seems clear this has me stumped ?

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    Sounds like the pressure relief valve in the pump may be stuck/jammed. Remove the cover plate and prise it out to investigate.

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    If everything obvious mechanical is OK, check the timing again when it's advancing. When putting mine on the road, I was getting something similar. Now it's a lot better.

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    Finally solved the riddle today we pulled the pump apart at a friends engineering works and made heaps of measurements and came up with the answer , the compression spring on the oil pressure relief valve was too long , even when under full compression it was not allowing the relief holes to line up and the pressure to drop so we nipped 4 coils off the end and put it all back together and like magic 45psi at start and at revs on the road and 35psi at idle hot ,uch better than the old 60-8-psi and no oil from the breather or dipstick tube . I can now let the beast rev it's ring off without messing up my engine bay with oil spray . Thanks to all who tried to help :-) BTW this was a brand new pump purchased from the UK MK1 club so beware anyone else who has the same drama it could just be the spring in the pressure relief area .

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    Excellent result and great sleuthing.

    Better let the UK club know there might be an issue with the pumps. Unlikely to be a one-off issue I'd have thought.
    Contact me for parts.

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