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Thread: LEDs

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    I recently tried to change my light bulbs (stop, indicator and parkers) for LEDs.
    Obviously I've done something wrong as some work, some don't and my R indicator now works in the off position instead of the R position.
    I had earlier changed the indicator stalk to the Land rover one and it was working fine.
    Is there something else I'm supposed to change to make them work properly?

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    When you put LEDs in indicators you will need the change the flasher unit to a led one or put load resistors on the indicators they replicate the load of a globe.
    Flasher units are designed to be used for globes so when a globe blows it will flash faster to let you no the globe has blown so they don't work if all globes are replaced with LEDs

    make sure the earths on your lights are good globes will use other globes to get an earth if the body of the light is not earthed to the body correctly but LEDs won't.

    does you right indicator flash when it's in the off position or just on all the time ?

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    So I will have to get a LED flasher unit from an auto lecee. Thanks.

    I put all the standard globes back in.

    The R indicator flashes in the off position.

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    If it's flashing in the off position I'd say you have a switch problem or two of your wires are touching on your switch

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    I'm thinking that I must have a wire shorting somewhere as it was fine and it is a new switch.
    I will have to take a bucketful of patience pills and try to track it down.

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