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Electronic Ignition Upgrade - Thoughts on Accuspark?
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Thread: Electronic Ignition Upgrade - Thoughts on Accuspark?

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    Electronic Ignition Upgrade - Thoughts on Accuspark?

    Hi all,

    I am currently running a 45D ignition with the points set up and thinking about buying the Accuspark electronic kit to fit into it.
    Anyone have any opinions / advice on doing this? I though there was a thread that had a bit of info them but couldn't find it.

    I am little confused as to whether I get a red coil without a ballast or move to a ballast set up as well and if I do what are the benefits v.s. risks etc.
    My motor is a 1500 with Weber, extractors, 60 thou pistons, unsure of CAM specs (that will be a separate thread).

    Any advice is appreciated.


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    I run one but I got the whole 45D unit complete direct from accuspark because my old distributer needed a rebuild anyway , only drama was when it was hooked up and someone had wired the coil backwards which makes little difference with points but managed to blow the computer bit which cost me $70 for a service pack . Not a single regret once in and set it is done the result was smoother everything and way quicker starting , very happy camper


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    I use one of their units in the dizzy of the race car, and the rally car, and have been very reliable. I run a GT40 coil and no ballast.

    you wouldn't go back to points!

    cheers Ted

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    I'm running a 25D dizzy, with a positive earth accuspark. Love it so far. (3 months)
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    I ordered in a 43D distributor, cap, leads, spark plugs, rotor, coil and timing gun directly from accuspark for $280 delivered. It arrived within 4 days. Shame they didnt offer a cheaper postage but 4 days is silly quick. Will update with my thoughts post Xmas.

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