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Rules of the forum and general etiquette (forum speak)
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Thread: Rules of the forum and general etiquette (forum speak)

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    Post Rules of the forum and general etiquette (forum speak)

    We have all been here for a while now exchanging and sharing information on all things cortina

    and i thank you all for your participation/advise over the years

    But i find it time to re address some basic rules and forum etiquette

    1. NO bad swearing ( especially towards/aimed at other users )
    2. NO personal attacks
    3. NO name calling

    a common sense approach ?

    • if a thread or post has been edited by me from now on i will put the reason for doing so

    something that i have not done in the past

    • im sorry for what confusion this may have caused to any users
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    well said jewels

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    Would have seemed to be common sense Jules.

    But perhaps it is a timely reminder to us all.
    Despite all my training and experience it is apparent that you can not cure stupid!!

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    well said jewels... after recent posts it think it is a good idea to revisit common sense and common etiquete [is that spelt correctly lol]

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