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Anyone know things about early 50's Riley RME's
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Thread: Anyone know things about early 50's Riley RME's

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    Anyone know things about early 50's Riley RME's

    The Father in Law is looking to get into an 'antique' car (as he calls it) of some sort.

    I love him, but he is completely mechanically void (bad) and has no passion for any particular brand (good) and as such, the responsibility of educating him about particular cars that catch his eye is up to me.

    He is currently interested in a 1951 Riley RME that is for auction at Shannons in Melbourne.

    This one.


    Looks nice to me without seeing it in the flesh yet.

    It's a long shot, but does anyone know anything at all about these things that doesn't come up on the 1st page of a google search. It wont be going anywhere fast (good), but is the right size and shape etc etc for him by the sounds.

    If they are evil, what are other good suggestions for cars under (say) 20k that fit the theme of the Riley. Cars need to be mechanically perfect (I have no desire to fix it) and be very presentable cosmetically.
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    Contact me for parts.

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    A mate of mine inherited one from his father, who had it from new, unfortunatly burnt to the ground in thr bushfires 2 years ago. It was a pretty good vehicle, the one at shannons looks mint, a bit better than Daves one. he had no major issues as it was pretty easy to work on for routine maintenance, and the Riley car club was a great help with info and parts ( sort of like here ). I'd give the people who repaired / reconditioned it a call. If you wnat some more photos I anly live 5 mins from there, cheers ted

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