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toowoomba swap meet
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Thread: toowoomba swap meet

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    toowoomba swap meet

    Anyone here attending the swap meet?

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    I was meant to be there but can't make it now.

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    well I will be attending, bit late for people to put orders in if they want anything,,, so.. thread can be closed Jewels. thanks.

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    Hi All

    Yes i went up yesturday (Friday) for a look round. Not to much Cortina stuff to find. Did see a very poorly 2 door mk1 shell On a trailer . Ok if you need a
    roof or rear upper back panel as they were the best parts.$250 for it. Also a MK2 Cortina on another trailer in green with a few spares. Tempted for this one myself
    but passed in the end. $500 for it. If you needed wheels/mags there were heaps of them for sale in sets of 4 or 5. Still worth the effort to have a look about though.
    lots to see there aswell.

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    Well the Red shell, was to go for $100.00 by the end of today "saturday". i wanted to buy the pedal set out of the red one, but wouldn't let me, think he either went home or sold it. didnt see the green one? Same guy from last year selling Repo taillight surrounds for $150.00 and GT guage cluster for $400 "guages included" hasn't dropped his prices from last year. Other then that nothing more, was 1 mk2 shell for ??????? cant rememeber. Too tired long day left home at 4am "nsw time" just walked in the door 11pm. oh well maybe next year.

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    well there you go, i read your post, and rewrote what you just wrote. lol..... bed time. oh bought a roller lawn mower for $50. now to get it started.

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    LOL... funny you should say about the pedal box in the mk1, i wanted that too..... Yep, it was a long hot day on Friday also, still a good
    day out for sure..

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    Yeah we had a good time, had a friend and my older brothers first Toowoomba meet. Got a new record of 3 people telling me to F#@* off due to my extensive haggling. And the mower is an Atco. 14in i think. $50.
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    I was up there Sat. overall very quite compared to previous years. The guy with the Mk1 2dr shell said it was sold for $100. The guy with the repo trims & gauges is Gary Sanderson from Ipswich, nice guy - there's nothing he doesn't know about Cortina's, Escort's & Capri's, I think his motto is here's the price & it'll still be the same high price when you come back after unsuccessfully searching for ages. He has mountains of Cortina stuff. I did find a complete new set of seat cover slips & matching door trims in bone for a Mk2 for $400 but passed as I have a Mk1 & unsure whether I want blue or black trim. I think I have a spare Mk1 pedel box in the shed. I'll have a look.

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    pedal box sounds good, mine seems worn o_0..... why have i heard the name Gary sanderson? Yeah he likes to keep his prices high lol

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    Hi, I did locate a spare pedal box, however upon closer inspection it is in much better condition than the one in my car, I'll pull apart clean, paint & install it. So sorry will not be available. I know a guy who welded & redrilled the pedal pivot holes & say's it's much tighter with no slop or give, might be worth a try.

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    i'm having trouble with mine a bit... seems well slow? whats the chance of buying your installed one/ the one your removing.?

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    Hey Rodney, sorry for taking awhile, but i've removed, dismantled both pedal boxes & given a quick clean. The only fault I can see is the pressed (copper?) bushes in the pivot point of all levers appear slightly worn. Is there a replacement available for these? You could use as is & I believe once bushes replaced & lever arms painted assemblies would be perfect. The only other problem is I only have 1 set of the 5 pressed splined mounting bolts as the spare unit had been carefully removed from the car with a grinder (not by me), however these should be easily removed from your unit & fitted. Let me know if your still interested & where in NSW are you? I'm northern Gold Coast.

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    just shy of the tweed.. yeah mine seems hard to press the accellerator down. but ill try and get stuck into it today... and let you know. but ill try and work out what it is. but yeah keen... you just get yours sorted. cheers man.

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    Hey Rodney, just to confirm I think i've misled you. I thought the pedal box was brake & clutch pedals only. I have 2 of these assemblies but only 1 accellerator pedal arm - which I will require. Sorry

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    lookslike the world is going to end now.... ahhh all good. parts are hard to get. not a problem.

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