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Thread: Firth GT resto to begin Jan 11'

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    Checked with Harry and said he added the rebound leaf for Sandown.

    The Armstrong shocks though ran at Bathurst as it was allowed because they were the sponsor.

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    2 days and it's almost ready for the blaster, just the sound deadener and front chome pieces.

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    awesome Paul, looking forward to following the resto

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    Quote Originally Posted by tedidesign View Post
    awesome Paul, looking forward to following the resto
    plus 1.


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    Somebody isn't % *% *% *% *ing around! Good stuff!
    I don't care fer Antifreezes, long as I got my Plastic jesus........ Ridin' on the dashboard of my car!......

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    Swampy Guest
    Not much to them when their undressed is there, she looks pretty good
    Harry is looking forward to seeing it.

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    The blaster gets it Thursday once he's done off to the panel beater.

    The panel beater has been given all but till the June 2012 long weekend to get it finished, I just hope he doesn't need all that time.

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    P1010004..jpgP1010015 (2)..jpgP1010002..jpgP1010003..jpg

    Well it will be back from the blasters tomorrow but this is what it looked like before it went. I'll have to try and decide now how rough to be with painting, the underside was super thin black with huge amounts of overspary every where.

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    P1010018 (2)..jpgP1010006..jpg

    Factory runs in the black.

    What's interesting is that under the green it has the red primer but the black is straight on.

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    Is it as solid in the flesh as it looks in the photos?

    And as a old race car noob, what year is this one? Haven't seen a dash photo.

    Will be great when finished.
    Contact me for parts.

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    al there is plenty on this car
    in the historic thread look in the 63 bathurst winner thread and harry firths 3rd placed car

    original colour was

    Kurrajong green with white roof

    i gather you are painting it this colour paul ?

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    P1010004 (2)..jpgP1010002 (2)..jpgP1010006 (2)..jpgP1010003 (2)..jpgP1010005 (2)..jpg

    Back from the blaster, no real surprises. Staying on the trailer to be delivered to the panel beater tomorrow.

    Picture 1 is the repair after a hit at Sandown, you can see it the damage in the photo in this thread. Proper panel beater, file finished NO bog.

    Picutre 3 is the hit from Bathurst, again can be seen in the pictures, different panel beater though pretty rough with a decent swipe.

    Picture 4 if you want to know if you have a genuine GT soda blast the inner wing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul T View Post
    Checked with Harry and said he added the rebound leaf for Sandown.

    The Armstrong shocks though ran at Bathurst as it was allowed because they were the sponsor.
    I had a pair of the same shocks. Just in case you are not sure of the original colour, they should be a rusty copper shade.

    Looks like a great shell , I'll be watching this resto.

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    Hi all, as a Cortina newbie and sucking up info like the perverbial sponge, I am interested in the comment by Paul T regarding a proposed GT 500 plus ? ? Sounds like this version was killed off but has anyone got any information on it. Would be interesting to read. Really looking forward to following this resto and seeing it in the flesh at the nationals. Cheers

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    Hi Dougo, I'm no details expert and I can't remember where I read about the plus however from memory it was to have an improved head and cam, twin 40 DCOE side draughts and possibly wider wheels?

    Does anyone else know about them?

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    Barry found some photo's from 81'ish when he collected the car, using Phil Wards trailer.

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    Little bit of progress waiting for expressed to make the repair sections good few weeks away yet.

    Started getting bits in order for the engine rebuild and will get some picutres soon.

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    P1010011 (4)..jpgP1010012 (4)..jpgP1010010 (4)..jpg

    Harry's new book detailing his time with Cortina's.

    I'm pretty happy the GT scored the inside front cover.

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