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    Not to sure how I'll get two cars to you twice a year.

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    This might seem like a stupid question: Is VicRoads sending the log books out in the mail? The reason why I ask is because I haven'tr received anything yet.

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    pmolly Guest
    Yes mate and it seems all CMOOC members have received theirs.

    You R still legal until it is renewal time but I'd give Vic Roads a call

    Mathew send me a email to

    pmolly@megacom.com.au and I can give you fuirther info re sighting car(s)

    Phil M

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    from vicroads site and the aomc site

    please read the pdf 'conditions of permit use'

    the last pdf has a highlighted section in yellow which is relevant

    and a quote from the AOMC FAQ site below

    Q5. Why have I not received a renewal notice for my Club Permit vehicle?
    A. It is permit holder's responsibility to ensure a permit is renewed. The Club Permit Scheme is stored on a separate computer system to the general VicRoads data files and hence if you should change your address for a fully registered vehicle, or a Driver's Licence, then a separate advice is still required for a Club Permit vehicle.
    Q6. Can a modified vehicle be used under the Club Permit scheme?
    A. Yes, provided the vehicle is in a safe condition. In some cases an Engineer's Certificate might be required. Note that the CPS must not be considered a method of driving an unsafe or unroadworthy vehicle.
    Q15. What are the limits to modifications permitted to CH vehicles?
    A. Vehicle Standards Information publication (VSI , available from the VicRoads book shop, provides guidance. Heavily modified vehicles may need an Engineer's Certificate.

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    Yes looking over that Questions 6, 15, 21, and 25 are relevent!!

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