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making mk1 cortina mk1 escort body parts
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Thread: making mk1 cortina mk1 escort body parts

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    making mk1 cortina mk1 escort body parts

    hi to all we are a australian company . new old car company manufacturing australian ford and holden body parts panel also body shells we also have all amercian parts for mustang and chevrolet for australia we are taking on the cortina and escort for the uk market and world market also the famous datsun 1600 so we are here to introduce ourselfs to you to see what you would like us to make for you first up. for starters we have started tooling for wings front panels bumpers for all these cars now we would like get your input on this project we can be contacted on email info@newoldcarcompany.com.au or contact by ph 61 7 32054433 fax 61 7 32054488 we are very well known company with 1 of our companys call phils rotarys dealing in mazda rotarys cars parts selling all over the world thanks for your time give us your input on cortina and escorts parts you would like to see made cheers

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    Mk1 Cortina

    Hi, I'm Neil from England. I'm in the Cortina Mk1 Owners Club and over here we have have a major shortage of new steel wings. The problem is becoming Chronic so if you could make some I'm sure you would get a lot of orders from over here. Cheers > Neil

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    yes i too would like more info on exactly which panels you intend on making?

    as i have a few suggestions

    how far into development are you ?

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