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Thread: 63 BATHURST WINNER - Modified?

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    hi paul, the only other photos of harrys cortina i can find is at the start of the 19 64 ampol trial at bondi beach (14 jun 64) which harry and graham hoinville won. the finish line photo taken on 28 jun 64 and the trophy presention 7 july 64.

    what is the 'extra bar looking thing' attached just below the grill and above the bumper ? in photo 2 with them sitting on the car?

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    According to my U.K. parts book the 3 clock 64 model GT dash is 9/63 on, so quite possible for a 63 GT to have that dash.

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    " the extra bar looking thing " was of many devices he used to stop mud and water from covering the head and driving lights , another was to bolt mud flaps to the leading edge of the bumper , you need to remember that the rallys used to be run on old unmade roads and in winter these would have been muddy so good lighting was essencial. No fancy windscreen or light wiping devices back then.

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