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Fitting accelerator cable
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Thread: Fitting accelerator cable

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    Fitting accelerator cable

    Hi there. First post. Has anyone got any photos of how to connect the accelerator cable to the pedal in the Mk1? I have a Lotus replica originally a 1300 but now fitted with a Mk2 Transit 1600 crossflow on twin webers. The accelerator cable snapped and I cant figure out how to attach the new cable to the pedal.

    PS. Im new to working on cars, let alone the classics, so the more basic the description, the better!

    Thanks for any help!

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    hello kieren and

    do you have access to a welder, or electric drill etc ?

    can you take a pic of your own and where it has broken ?

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    I had to convert the wagon to cable. Not to hard, you will need a welder or someone
    who can weld to do the pedal mods. I have used pushbike brakecables in the past, just cut to length at one end. the other end leave the nipple on and saw a slot in the pedal shaft. Drill a 3rd of the way into the bar to seat the nipple and tension up at the carb end.

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