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Thread: Seat belt manufacturing parts & repairs

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    Did it in my HK, just used a kit from rare-spares. No photo's sorry. Just drilled a hole and kit came with plate, bolts etc etc etc.

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    I had a look at Rare spares site but none are Cortina specific. I will need to make up the mounts etc too it serms. I am thinking of buying from Hemco which may be the cheapest and easiest.

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    I think mine was a generic fit-all type thing. If you don't have a monaro or a GT then rare spares is usually pretty useless lol.

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    Hi jdyort, sorry for bringing up and old post, but what did you end up doing?

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    Yep I went with Hemco. Came up perfect. I did Inertia in the front and rear and put in the kid seat mounts. Took a couple of hours to do. Let me know if you want cost, details or mounting pics.

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    Hello, it have had quotes from hemco, and the will supply all the plates and anchors, photos and details of the rear would be great, I think for front and rear lap/sash and a rear centre lap was 600ish inc postage exc the fixings... Did you use a stalk or sash for the front, if stalk, what length? They only piece of info left to provide them, my seats aren't fabricated yet, they will be standard though

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    I went 300mm stalks in the front.
    Front Inertia Lap/Sash @ $ 165.00 x 2
    Rear Parcel Shelf Mount Inertia Lap/Sash @ $154.00 x 2
    Static Lap Seatbelt for the middle rear @ $88.00

    Including postage it was a bit of $700. This included all the plates and bolts. The rears are not stalks.

    I will take some pics over the weekend. The parcel shelf mounts you literally have 10mm spare to drill out and mount the brackets. They fit well there though .

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    Were yours fixed or retractable? standard ends? price might have come down?

    2 1600001 BEIGE Static Lap/Sash Seatbelt 2165mm Long $110.00
    Stalk Buckle
    2 1790004 BEIGE Static Lap/Sash Seatbelt 2165mm Long $100.00
    Webbing Buckle
    1 1600200 BEIGE Static Lap Seatbelt 1210mm Long $90.00
    Webbing Buckle

    Plus postage & GST and fixinings

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    Stalk height

    Very technical measuring, 300mm looks ok...
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Inertia fronts and rear sides. Middle rear was static. I was not chasing originality and I needed to have kids seats in the back.

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